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The new Organic Trio has been released on the Freench jazz label Jazz Family Records. IT IS AVAILABLE HERE and on iTunes! It is currently #2 on the US Jazz Radio Charts, and has been in the top 10 for almost a month now. We had a completely A-team involved on the production end, starting with David Farrell tracking at the beautiful Dockside Studio, mixing by Neal Cappellino in Nashville, and Masterer-to-the-Stars Grag Calbi putting the final touches on it in NYC. Sonically, this is in the top three greatest sounding projects I have ever been involved in - I have heard it a dumb amount of times and pretty much my reaction every time is “This thing really sounds killing.” Uh, did you get the part where I think it sounds really good?

We’re in the middle of a big radio and press campaign, as well as some CD release tour action, including a weekend night at the hottest Paris jazz venue, Duc des Lombards. That show will be broadcast live on the national radio network in France and the interwebs. After the second week of the campaign, the CD already was in the top forty of the US jazz radio charts and it has been picked as CD of the week by TSF (sort of the NPR of France)!

Cindy Scott and I are still working on her next record. It has been held up a little because she landed a full time gig in the Voice Department at Berklee College of Music. Big congratulations to her, even if I did teach her everything she knows :) Really, Cindy has worked her ass off for years to become the great teacher and performer that she is, and I know Berklee is going to be a better place because they brought her into the fold.

Starting to do some major planning work for 2017, which is going to be a big year. Lots of tours with the Organic Trio, Cindy and Evan Christopher are in the works, as well the release of the Organic Trio record, Cindy's new disc and the recording sessions for Organic Trio #3 and Brad Walker #2.



All of the tour windows for all of 2017 with Cindy and the Organic Trio still have dates to fill. So if you are interested in seeing one of those groups live, or sponsoring or facilitating a show, house concert, clinic, etc, please let me know.

There’s many best things about what I get to do. I feel very blessed most of the time (except when I’m being stupid!). Just getting to hear so many amazing musicians up close is a constant thrill. Seeing all of the new places I get to see, and finding out about new foods or ways of living is always exciting to me. And meeting so many really cool people is a huge gift.

Thanks to the people that keep me sounding good with their fine products: Mesa Boogie, D’Addario Strings, Bryan Galloup Guitars and Robert Keeley Effects.

That’s all for now. Hope I get to see many of you soon and get to make some music for you.


ps: I started an email list thing a while ago, the big plan being to send out my news and my gig list about once a month. So far I’ve sent out exactly one mailing! I swear I will get it together eventually. So, if you want to take the chance that one day you might get something, click these words. If, at some point, you become terminally swamped by electronic correspondences (which at the rate I’m going could never happen!), you can un-sign up too, the convenient and automatic disconnect link comes with every email! Also, you have the option of letting me know where you are, so I won’t bother you with gig notices for stuff nowhere near you.


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