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End of the Year in Review (JANUARY 2018)

2017 was a pretty wild ride for most of us I guess. It had some tremendous ups for me, and a few bummers for sure.

The biggest positive for me was the release of the Organic Trio’s second CD, Saturn’s Spell on the French jazz label Jazz Family Records. I was thrilled that the record was heard far and wide, spending almost 2 months in the top 10 of the Jazz Radio charts, peaking at #2. and ended up at #66 for the entire year. I was overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback on the disc, and am truly grateful to have been part of something that lots of people dug. Thanks so very much to everyone that bought it, listened, and shared their kind thoughts with us!

I got to play in a lot of wonderful places all around the world, as well as the US, with shows in Morocco, Russia, England, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Orlando and points in between. Cindy Scott and I logged a lot of those miles together, and the Organic Trio had some amazing hits, including a sold out weekend night at Duc des Lombards in Paris, France's equivalent to the Bluenote. In June I did the Spoletto Festival in Charleston, SC with Evan Christopher and Roland Guerin, which was a true fantasy week of hits - I have really been loving working with that project, and am looking forwarf to more in 2018.

There was also some great stuff happening on the studio side of my life. Worked a bunch on an inspiring disc by Brad Walker which I am guessing is going to get released sometime soon. Cindy Scott and I also put in big hours finishing up our folk-inflected disc of songs for social justice, empowerment and hope. I figure that one will make it into the world in the Spring. The Organic Trio is well on it’s way to record #3, full of all new tunes and the killer tones from Dockside Studio.

Some non-professional highlights included an amazing trip to Cuba with my dear friend Caroline. We saw a bunch of stuff, explored some of her family history, played a lot of music and spent some hours researching rum :) I also had short trips to Barcelona and the the Sint Sixtus monestary in Belgium, a place I have wanted to go to for more than a decade. My brilliant musician and artist friends Mahmoud and Alia moved to New Orleans, which certainly raised the bar for all of us here!

Below is a list of tours that are in the works, so if you see that we are coming your way, and you would like to arrange a show, house concert, sit in, workshop, or hang, please drop me a line.


  • Mid-February I will be in the Bay Area looking to do some stuff
  • Late March Cindy Scott in the Northeast
  • Late May Cindy Scott Northeast dates
  • Mid-June Cindy Scott in Boston and Kansas City
  • July Cindy Scott in Vancouver and the Northwest
  • Early August Cindy Scott in Michigan and the Midwest
  • Late September/Early October Cindy Scott in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and/or anyother place in the vicinity

There’s many best things about what I get to do. I feel very blessed most of the time (except when I’m being stupid!). Just getting to hear so many amazing musicians up close is a constant thrill. Seeing all of the new places I get to see, and finding out about new foods or ways of living is always exciting to me. And meeting so many really cool people is a huge gift.

Thanks to the people that keep me sounding good with their fine products: Mesa Boogie, D’Addario Strings, Bryan Galloup Guitars and Robert Keeley Effects.

That’s all for now. Hope I get to see many of you soon and get to make some music for you.


ps: I started an email list thing a while ago, the big plan being to send out my news and my gig list about once a month. So far I’ve sent out exactly one mailing! I swear I will get it together eventually. So, if you want to take the chance that one day you might get something, click these words. If, at some point, you become terminally swamped by electronic correspondences (which at the rate I’m going could never happen!), you can un-sign up too, the convenient and automatic disconnect link comes with every email! Also, you have the option of letting me know where you are, so I won’t bother you with gig notices for stuff nowhere near you.


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