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October 2018

Just back from a bunch of fun stuff in Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, France and the UK with Cindy Scott, and a bunch of other old frineds, including the killing composer, arranger, engineer, pianist and singer, Denise Mangiardi, Paul Wiltgen from the Organic Trio, Dutch bassist Thomas Pol, the simply incredible cellist Elisabeth Coudoux and percussionist Antoine Duykers. It was another magical and reqarding tour - thanks to everyone that helped make it happen.

Holed up in the studio for a few days adding parts to a couple of cool records coming outlater this year. I’ll let you all know more as they approach becoming finished.

I’m also back at the computer grinding away at filling in tour dates. Please see the list below if you want to help

I had an incredible summer hitting a lot of different parts of the US, as well as Canada.

In June, I played in the house band for the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in Kansas City. This was my second time doing the UU national convention, and it was really a gas. The bandleader, Markus Grae-Hauck, was such a pleasure to work for and with, and the rest of my pit-pals, Keith, Laura, Cindy and Matt, were very simply total pros. It was a rare chance for me to get to work in the context of a show; I find it fun to turn on the laser-focus muscle, and get to read charts in an on-the-air situation. I really dug Kansas City and got to hang out a bit and check out some of the many wonderful and swinging musicians there. I also discovered some good new beers, which is always a pleasant surprise.

Cindy Scott and I logged a lot of miles together, with fantastic gigs in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Boston and points in between. The number of people to thank and shout out to is kind of overwhelming, so I am not going to try. I trust and hope that I have sufficiently thanked all of the incredible musicians, presenters and facilitators along the way.

Cindy and I got to teach at the amazing Songroots Camp in Gambier Island, BC. Started 5 years ago by the superhuman musician and visionary Karla Mundy, the camp was a non-stop singing smorgasbord, with an amazing faculty and joyful, loving and talented participants. I strongly suggest that any of my singing friends check out this camp, and all of the other things Karla produces, like cultural trips to Cuba and Louisiana. Karla is also helping us put togehter the first extended Mining for Magic vocal intnesive in New Orleans next January. Click the link for more information.

Had rare US run with the Organic Trio with some nice dates in California and Louisiana, and recorded the follow up to our chart-topping second CD, Saturn’s Spell that came out on the French jazz label Jazz Family Records. Like the last one, the disc will be all original material penned by the three of us, and utilize a crack multi-Grammy-hoisting tech team.

Coming up for the rest of the year some things with Cindy Scott, some cool shows with the phenomenal Evan Christopher and a quick jaunt to Europe mostly to make big headway on the Organic Trio release.

On the studio side of my life, Brad Walker is releasing a couple of projects that we worked on together, Cindy Scott’s 4th CD is about to drop, Evan has something in the works, and there are a couple of other projects that are in various stages of development.


  • November with Cindy Scott in the Northeast. We are focusing on the New England Regional Folk Alliance, but are available for dates in the area.
  • Early January 2019 Mining for Magic in New Orleans. Then Cindy and I will be heading to Texas.
  • Winter 2019 sprinkles with Cindy in Florida, the Northeast, & Louisiana.
  • April 5-14 California with Cindy
  • Late April 2019 Evan Christopher in New York.
  • Late July 2019/Early August with Cindy in Colorado/New Mexico and the vicinity.
  • October 5-20 2019 Cindy Scott in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, England and/or other places where people love live mostly-original music.

There’s many best things about what I get to do. I feel very blessed most of the time (except when I’m being stupid!). Just getting to hear so many amazing musicians up close is a constant thrill. Seeing all of the new places I get to see, and finding out about new foods or ways of living is always exciting to me. And meeting so many really cool people is a huge gift.

Thanks to the people that keep me sounding good with their fine products: Mesa Boogie, D’Addario Strings, Bryan Galloup Guitars and Robert Keeley Effects.

That’s all for now. Hope I get to see many of you soon and get to make some music for you.


ps: I started an email list thing a while ago, the big plan being to send out my news and my gig list about once a month. So far I’ve sent out exactly one mailing! I swear I will get it together eventually. So, if you want to take the chance that one day you might get something, click these words. If, at some point, you become terminally swamped by electronic correspondences (which at the rate I’m going could never happen!), you can un-sign up too, the convenient and automatic disconnect link comes with every email! Also, you have the option of letting me know where you are, so I won’t bother you with gig notices for stuff nowhere near you.


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